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This page contains links to short Spanish to English translation samples and to select blog posts I have written concerning translation and/or translation theory.


Neruda’s Sonnet 88 (LXXXVIII) from 100 Love Sonnets (Cien sonetos de amor)

The Dinosaur (El dinosaurio) by Augusto Monterroso

Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz

‘En la vida que siempre tuya fue’

Pain of Passion

Translation Blog Posts

A Brief, Non-Comprehensive, Somewhat Inconclusive, and Yet Still Intriguing, Analysis of Themes Concerning Audience and Translatability within “The Task of the Translator” by Walter Benjamin (With Guest Appearances by Jacques Derrida and the Tower of Babel) 2.15.2019

Class Notes: After Babel 1.29.2019

On Poetry and Translation 6.2.2017

Rant on Technique 5.4.2017

Thoughts on Translation 4.27.2017

End of Translation 3.14.2017

See also this translation tag, which will automatically link you to any and all posts that mention translation.