20 Resolutions for 2020

I had 18 resolutions for 2018 and 19 resolutions for 2019, so can you really tell me that you weren’t expecting this? That said, this is the year I’m capping it, because coming up with 20 resolutions was actually pretty difficult. But here they are:

  1. Read 120 books (average 10 books per month)
  2. Improve my language skills
  3. Get caught up on at least 10 podcasts
  4. Diversify my exercise routine
  5. Learn more about coding
  6. Learn how to knit
  7. Revisit my research projects
  8. Get Annie caught up on Doctor Who
  9. Read more blogs
  10. Spend time at the library at least twice a month
  11. Watch at least 3 series of Crash Course
  12. Win NaNoWriMo
  13. Finish writing my fanfic
  14. Write in my journal at least once a week
  15. Write more original fiction
  16. Write more poetry
  17. Finish a draft of an original work
  18. Remain open to possibilities that I don’t currently know to expect
  19. Stop holding myself to impossible standards without losing my drive to succeed where and when I can
  20. Spend more time in my comfort zone and remember to take time for self care

And a bonus:

  1. Don’t beat myself up if I don’t complete all of my resolutions 😘

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