My Temporary Home

One of my most favorite songs to sing in the shower is “Hey Look Ma, I Made It” by Panic! At the Disco, but that doesn’t stop me from also listening to it at other points in my day. On my train ride down to New York this morning this was one of the songs on the playlist that I listened to on loop, and it was also the song that was playing as the conductor announced that Penn Station would be our next stop. I’m fairly excited to be spending the next six weeks in New York, though I hope that readers will forgive me if I don’t give too many details about the program. For one thing, there are certain aspects that we are strictly forbidden from posting about on social media and online. For another, there is a layer of distance that I like to keep between my corporeal self and my online self that I don’t often acknowledge in these blog posts, but nevertheless does exist.

Then again, there are plenty of things that I don’t mind sharing, such as that I just had a literal “go-to-sit-down-and-fall-on-the-floor-instead” moment with my desk chair when I sat down to work on one of my assignments for the publishing course. I really am so pleased to be here, and I feel that I have already made quite good friends with some of the truly lovely people I have encountered. I was fairly nervous to come to New York on my own, and I didn’t super appreciate the lecture my Lyft driver gave me on the way here about how terrible Boston is, though I did appreciate his explanation of how the streets worked.

I think that I am going to like it here, and while I will miss my point of origin, I think that this will be a good place to call my temporary home.



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