This Isn’t a Goodbye, Just a See-You-Later

Now that I’ve completed both my undergraduate and graduate studies, it would make sense for me to start producing more content rather than less, but in typical fashion as soon as I no longer had pressing responsibilities I got sick and slept for a rather shocking amount of time. I have been reading more, as I planned to, but lately I’ve been enjoying reading for the sake of the book rather than for the sake of the review. Therefore I suspect that, although the volume of books I am reading will rise, the number of reviews I am producing is more likely to fall. Similarly, I no longer have academic projects to write about, and once I start at Columbia, the projects we will be working on are unpublished manuscripts and thus confidential, so I cannot actually write about them.

My current plan is to put a moratorium on regular blog posts while I am preparing for and at the program, to resume later in the summer. To that end, once the program is over I’ll be moving, and hopefully I’ll have a new job, and so that period of chaos will not lend itself to regular posts either. This is not to say that I will be giving up on Word-for-Sense and Other Stories, my passion project for a great deal of time now, only that I will be taking a break of undetermined length, hopefully small. Sporadic posts will still appear, but, for the time being, I have released myself from the pressures of a regular posting schedule. As one of my favorite teachers in high school used to say: “This isn’t goodbye, it’s just see you later”.



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