I’m done? And Happy Birthday Word-for-Sense!

Last Friday evening I pressed send on an email and realized that I was done. Two days before I had completed my last day working at Brandeis’ Office of Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion and turned in my work computer. Tomorrow I’ll pick up my regalia, clean out my gym locker, and return all the books I’ve checked out from the library that I can fit in my backpack. (And yes, I might have to make two trips). This is all starting to become incredibly real. Of course, it was always real, but I have to admit that I’ve been living in a bit of a Brandeis bubble for the past five years (which I did mention a bit in my last post, I know). It’s a shock though, to realize here I am, having made it through.

Another shock (albeit a smaller one) was to realize that I have been writing on Word-for-Sense and Other Stories via WordPress for one year today. Technically it’s been longer than that since I bought the domain, and even longer since I started writing the original blog on Blogger, but May 14th 2018 was when I posted my Mandatory Sappy Graduation Post, launching this website I’m writing on now. Starting with that post but not including that one, I’ve posted 69,772 words in 90 blog posts in the past 365 days, so at that pace, in theory, it should only take me about a year to write that YA novel I’ve been planning for years 😘.

In any case, I now have much more time on my hands than I did previously, which leaves a truly delicious amount of time for reading and writing, so I am excited to start putting book reviews out again. I’m also eager to work on my own original fiction as well as fanfiction (maybe one day I will reveal my screenname… but today is not that day).



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