Working During Vacation: A Brief Update

My capstone thesis is due in less than a month and I’m not the slightest stressed out at all. 😂 I had hoped to be able to catch up on sleep and light reading during this vacation, but aside from watching a few episodes of Doctor Who, and a teensy bit of shopping, most of what I have been up to is work. It’s not that I have complaints — I’m the one who chose to go to grad school and to continue working at a job that I do in fact enjoy — but I can’t deny that with the semester kicking into high gear I am nearing the brink of being overwhelmed. I suspect that there is a distinct possibility that there will be fewer posts on Word-for-Sense than there have been, mostly because I’m close to running out of pre-written material, so that which is going to appear will in fact be less polished and more infrequent. As much as I love working on this blog, I have to admit that there are other things that I may need to prioritize in the coming weeks. That said, the whole point of originally creating Word-for-Sense was to talk about my academic and extracurricular projects and to vent as a creative output, so if I will be posting updates on those if I manage to find the time to write up a post about them, a la my class notes and my adapted essay. So, we’ll see where this goes.



Note: The image in this post is one of the top results if you search “crying” in the free stock photo library available to WordPress users, and I think it pretty much perfectly sums up my emotions at the moment.

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