Words of Wisdom: Sh*t My Professors Said in Fall 2018 (so far)

Fall 2018 hasn’t quite finished yet, but already I have an absolute wealth of material. Part IV of ? in my Sh*t My Professors Say series

Fall 2018 (so far)

Sometimes with Latin you just say “because reasons.”

Liturgy didn’t grow up overnight.

I disagree with the argument completely, but its a great article.

Submit it on LATTE. Good for you if you know how to do it, because I don’t.

Don’t ask too complicated of a question because they can’t answer that.

I’m sure he’s most rested after a night with his wife.

You would slaughter a sheep and examine its entrails…

If I want to kill you, I’ll bury a statue of you.

It’s always great to talk about people who cry on boats.

Is this yours? No? It’s mine now.

I made up some words here.

If he’s totally wrong, that doesn’t affect me.

Ulysses never cries, unless he’s on a beach (which is often).

She’s a disagreeable person who disagrees with many things.

This is bad for your reputation, not a good PR move.

Don’t construe what I’m saying as an argument towards anything.

I don’t want to fail you, I really don’t.

I’m not making a judgment, I’m just saying there is no point to it.

If you’re creating more problems than you’re solving then you’re probably wrong.

Are you looking at anything interesting on your computer?

It’s better to be wrong than to be boring.

What do you think an eclipse is? The demons have attacked the moon.

What you create is less friction and more splinters.

Magic is a waste of time, but the study of magic can be scholarship.

The gods somehow think it’s bad to engage in cannibalism.

I won’t bother giving you dates, but I will say that it happened a long time ago.

We say dumb things until we die.

What does it mean? Remember, you’re allowed to be wrong.

Don’t expect total logic here.

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