Papers, Presentations, and NaNoWriMo: A Quick Update

Greetings to all of the lovely readers of Word-for-Sense and Other Stories. I hope that you have enjoyed your exploration of the content here so far (if the stats are anything to go by, people sure like book reviews and linguistics memes) and here we are with a quick update.

With only five weeks left in the semester things are heating up quite a bit in terms of my workload, hence the reason that recent reviews have been of books I read for class 😘. That said, we’ve moved into the part of the semester where the focus is on producing rather than consuming, and thus there’s a distinct possibility that in producing more content for class, I’ll be producing less content for this website — education first after all. (Not to mention that even if I don’t talk about it much, I do have an actual job that takes time out of my days and 1. I enjoy and 2. pays for stuff). All the same, I do maintain that I use this space as a creative outlet, so I’ll do my best to keep posting here as I muddle through this time of papers and presentations.

Speaking of creative outlets, it’s November aka NaNoWriMo, National Novel Writing Month. Now, I am attempting to write a novel, but I’m not doing NaNo in the traditional sense. The thing of it is that I am going to be doing a lot of writing in November. Papers, blog posts, articles, and of course the scenes that comprise the short stories that are my NaNo masterpiece of this year. So, I will be keeping two tallys, one of strictly the novel, which is tentatively (and cornily) titled In Search of Something while the other is literally a hodgepodge document of everything I’ll have written in November.

It’s gonna be awesome. Or terrible. We’ll see. (I’m aiming for awesome.)



P.S. The tagline of my novel is: Bell is nineteen years old, drunk off her ass, and determined to write a bestseller. If only reality would stop getting in her way. It’s a series of short stories by about Bellona Marie Harrington, a college sophomore with an undeclared major in Creative Writing, a drinking problem, and a wealth of family drama. Set in the fictional city of Sabina, Massachusetts, each story is self contained, but occurs at some point in the first 19 years of Bell’s life, though there may be a few exceptions to that second rule, we’ll see where the month takes us.

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