Words of Wisdom: Sh*t My Professors Said in Spring 2018

Spring 2018 had some gems, and incidentally, the most science of any of my semesters at Brandeis. Part III of ? in my Sh*t My Professors Say series.

Spring 2018

Oh brutal and fierce gorilla, kill my roommate next Saturday.

That’s how you read a textbook right? Look at the pictures, read the captions, and if it looks interesting enough than read the actual text.

Find a corpse in an alley way and figure out how it came to be that way.

Jupiter and the sun are a binary system and we are just extra stuff.

This is an artist interpretation, not a picture, it’s completely made up, and you have to wonder what the artist was smoking.

It’s easy to draw a picture, but that doesn’t mean that we know how it happens.

The greenhouse effect on Venus is like it is on Earth but on steroids.

Gamma rays pack a punch, and are not good for you.

Well, that’s a black hole.

It’s like writing a check for more money that you have in your account & then putting money in the account really fast.

It looks like a fried egg on St. Patrick’s Day.

Big explosions!!! Kabloom!

It’s relatively close — only 150 million light years away.

If you’re a chemist, just smile and try not to be offended.

This is where physics get counter-intuitive, weird, and fascinating.

It looks a little bit like Swiss cheese or bubbles.

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