A New Semester Begins! (An Update, Announcements, and a Translation)

Wednesday was the first day of classes and I am so excited to have started my first semester as a full-time graduate student! While I loved my time as an undergrad, I’m excited to learn and participate in an advanced course of study. With the start of the semester comes more content in line with what I had originally envisioned my blog to be, that is to say, a record of the many fascinating and intriguing fields of study that I am undertaking during my time at Brandeis.

This leads in to my first announcement which is that I am reincorporating academic posts! My old blog had academic posts, and to explain, these are going to be posts where I talk about what I am studying that week, including snippets about my classes and my independent study. Only the interesting stuff, I promise. You’re more likely to enjoy content from my course on Magic and Witchcraft in the Ancient Near East than my Latin synopses! These posts will alternate on Fridays with my reviews, and I may throw one up on an occasional Tuesday.

From the previous sentence you may surmise my second announcement which is that book reviews are shifting to being posted every other Friday instead of weekly, because I am an uber-busy grad student now and I simply don’t have as much time for pleasure reading/binge watching as I did this summer. 🙁

All that said, I’m looking forward to exploring new avenues of content as I build this website, and I especially want to know what readers think, are curious about, or want more of, so please do not hesitate to drop me a line via the contact page, or contact me also through my new Facebook Page, which (minor plug) I would super appreciate if you go and like! Right now it is primarily just a way to forward my posts on here to Facebook, but I am planning on posting more content on there soon!

The Translation

As an example of my more academic postings, the following is a translation I completed in my Millennial Latin American Fiction and Graphic Novels class of the famous (and untranslatable) short story The Dinosaur by Augusto Monterroso.

El Dinosaurio (Spanish, Original)

Cuando despertó, el dinosaurio todavía estaba allí.

The Dinosaur (English, My translation)

When they awoke, the dinosaur persisted.

To read about why I translated this story the way I did, click here, or better yet go investigate my translation page.

Note on the featured image: My roommate baked me first-day-of-school muffins! Isn’t she sweet?

A General Update

They say that time flies, but I didn’t quite believe it until I woke up this morning and realized that we’re already halfway through July. So much has happened in my life in the past few months that I feel as though I’ve got whiplash. So many good and bad things have happened since I graduated college a little over two months ago.

Our engagement rings!

I can confidently say that the happiest news is that my girlfriend is no longer my girlfriend because she is now my fiancée. 😊 That said, it is a bittersweet happiness, since it comes on the heels of the death of my aunt Malika, who I continue to love even though she is no longer with us.

Meanwhile, I am still in the process of unpacking from my big move, and my toaster continues to be evasive, but I will find it eventually. 🕵🏾‍♀️ I suspect that it and the waffle iron are conspiring to stay hidden together.

I’ve been spending a fair bit of time working. Especially since due to a series of events I’m not going to talk about on the internet my hours for my internship have increased. So I am spending more time at the office than I was earlier in the summer.

As the school year inches closer and closer I am both nervous and excited. The excitement comes from my usual source of anticipation when it comes to the fall, the start of a new semester. The nervousness comes from the fact that a significant portion of the people that made Brandeis home for the past few years will be gone, as only a handful of my fellows from the undergraduate class of 2018 are staying for graduate studies at the university. I’m not overly worried about the rigor of classes, since I have been taking graduate level courses since my freshman year and specifically took some as a graduate student my senior year, but I will miss my friends. Those of you who subscribe to this website can expect to see some of the contents of what I am studying as I full intend to discuss what projects I am working on through this website.

My library before I organized it aka proof that I have plenty of books to write about 😎

For those of you looking for more book reviews, don’t fret! I’m still reading and writing about it afterwards, and I’m quite excited to write my review for Friday as I quite like this book! No spoilers about which one it is though.

In any case, I’m about to catch a train so I must bid you adieu!