My Favorite Blog Posts: A Curated List

At this point I’ve been writing on Word-for-Sense and Other Stories for well over a year, and posting one to two posts a week means that the number of posts at this point is in three digits. A newcomer to the blog might not know where to start, so I’ve curated a list of my top ten favorite posts (in descending chronological order) as a way to say: “hi, here’s what you should read!” It goes as follows:

Some Thoughts About Tarot Cards, Hogwarts Houses, and the Four Elements 6.27.2019

Moving Beyond that Aesthetic: Getting to the Roots of Nostalgia and Thoughts About the Future 6.14.2019

An Exploration of the Fundamental Points of Critical Race Theory 4.2.2019

What Does It Mean To Be Well-Read? 3.19.2019

A Brief, Non-Comprehensive, Somewhat Inconclusive, and Yet Still Intriguing, Analysis of Themes Concerning Audience and Translatability within “The Task of the Translator” by Walter Benjamin (With Guest Appearances by Jacques Derrida and the Tower of Babel) 2.15.2019

On Belief and Reality 10.23.2018

On Academic Intersections: Knowledge Stacks 9.14.2018

Adulting 8.10.2018

Terrific and Troublesome Travels 7.24.2018

Airport Adventures 7.10.2018

The 2020 Boston Writing Workshop

Get Your Writing Published: October 3, 2020

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A selfish poet

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Own Your Content

Own Your Content is a campaign from & CreativeMornings, encouraging creatives to own their content, platform, and the future of their work.

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in vitro veritas: science, feminism and the media

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The Boston Area Chapter of The Harry Potter Alliance



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Spiritual Journeys in Tending the Land, Permaculture, Wildcrafting, and Regenerative Living

Love, Seamus

Dear reader, It’s me! Seamus. I am here to vent to you about my day or teach you a lesson! Enjoy your day. Love, Seamus

The Nerds of Color

Pop Culture with a Different Perspective


The Official Website of Talia Franks

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