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Word-for-Sense isn’t the only place that I write, check out some of my other work below!

Critical Companion Articles:

How do the Character Descriptions in ‘Harry Potter’ Hold Up 20 Years Later? (Body Shaming in ‘Harry Potter’)

Revisiting Harry Potter’s Final Battle: Where Did All the Kreatures Go?

Book Reviews:

Thick of It by Ulrike Almut Sandig (trans. from the German by Karen Leeder)

The Great Passage by Shion Miura (trans. from the Japanese by Juliet Winters Carpenter)

I Remember Nightfall by Marosa di Giorgio (trans. from the Spanish by Jeannine Marie Pitas)

Savage Park by Amy Fusselman

For Today I Am a Boy by Kim Fu (note that this article was changed without my input or consent by the editors and thus contains language that I consider outdated and inappropriate)

The 2020 Boston Writing Workshop

Get Your Writing Published: October 3, 2020

Trish Hopkinson

A selfish poet


transgender & nonbinary resources

Deanna Writes About...

Another Perception of the World Around Us

Unapologetic Enthusiasm

Classics, Judaism, and All Things Nerdy

Roving the Two Lands

A former New Atheist following Wepwawet into Kemetic polytheism


For Your Entetainment

Own Your Content

Own Your Content is a campaign from WordPress.com & CreativeMornings, encouraging creatives to own their content, platform, and the future of their work.

Hachette Book Group

The Official Website of Talia Franks

Elodie Under Glass

in vitro veritas: science, feminism and the media

Dobby's Sox

The Boston Area Chapter of The Harry Potter Alliance



We Are Star Stuff

A blog about mythology, the stars, and the new mythology, comics.


Book reviews with an Asian Americanist lens

The Green Wolf

Artist & Author Lupa

The Druid's Garden

Spiritual Journeys in Tending the Land, Permaculture, Wildcrafting, and Regenerative Living

Love, Seamus

Dear reader, It’s me! Seamus. I am here to vent to you about my day or teach you a lesson! Enjoy your day. Love, Seamus

The Nerds of Color

Pop Culture with a Different Perspective


The Official Website of Talia Franks

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