Talia Franks wants to be a professional polymath but since that isn’t a “real job” she decided she wants to start working in publishing because in her opinion that’s the next best thing (and an incredible career path in its own right that is a strong contender for the #1 spot). Talia likes her feminism intersectional and her entertainment diverse. Having loved books and language just the littlest more than people for the majority of her life, it is only natural that when Talia went to college she studied everything she could get her hands on and graduated in May 2018 from Brandeis University with a Bachelor of Arts in European Cultural Studies & Language and Linguistics, and minors in Classical Studies, Comparative Literature, and Creative Writing. As a matter of fact, Talia is so obsessed with education that in Fall of 2018 she returned to Brandeis to gain a Master of Arts degree in Comparative Humanities.

Talia created Word-for-Sense to share her thoughts about translation, writing, books, nerdiness, and language, but also to share her life with the internet. On a related note, she thinks that talking about herself in the third person is disconcerting but is sticking to her established methods and doing it anyway. (Even though she wrote the home page in first person?)

Whatever the case may be, in her free time, Talia enjoys reading, writing, and translating poetry & prose from Spanish to English. The three things Talia will never say no to are a good cup of tea, a Harry Potter debate, or a linguistics meme.