Hi! My name is Talia. I see you’ve found my website. I write about books, literature, language, travel, school, and basically whatever falls under the various umbrellas of “Talia likes this” “Talia thinks this is important” “Talia knows a decent amount about this”. The content of this website falls into a few different categories, which I’ve outlined below.

Blog: There are two main types of posts on this blog. The first are book reviews of whatever I’ve been reading lately. These are not necessarily books that are hot off the press, though they have all been published in the past ten years. These are uploaded every Friday. As a legal disclaimer I must point out that this summer 2018 I am working as an intern with Perseus Books, a division of Hachette Book Group, and thus could be seen as biased, though I promise that I do my best to not be, and in truth my love for books remains universal. You can read through the book reviews in isolation via clicking the ‘Book Reviews’ tab above.

The second category of posts are posts that are updates on my life – major changes, small updates, complaints about the weather, etc. For the most part those are pretty Talia-centric. Rather than having a set schedule, personal posts are posted as I write them, though I will be aiming for Tuesdays as publication days.

On the Tuesdays that do not have a personal post I’ll try to put up a review for either a book or a movie that I have seen recently, but no promises! Again, Fridays are the only days that I will be consistently posting.

I’ve included in the archive some posts that were on my blogger and tumblr pages, back when my blog was less organized, but the bulk of those are still only hosted on those sites.

EssaysAs I was wrapping up my undergraduate career at Brandeis I realized more and more how many essays I had written, some of which have interesting enough content that I decided to share them with you. Others will probably never see the light of day. They’re all on their own pages, but I have links on my Essays page with snippets describing them & they are organized by what class I wrote them for. For the most part I just feel that someone should be reading these, aside from my Professors and Fiancée.

Translation: A rather large passion of mine is that of translation. I do Spanish to English, and I think I’ve got a good handle on the practice. This section is where I post examples of short translations I have done, as well as some of my thoughts regarding translation theory and practice. I’ve linked to the various subpages on my Translation page, along with links to blog posts about Translation.

Guest Writing: If you want to read something on this site that wasn’t written by me, check out the this section, currently comprised of things my fiancée wrote back when I wasn’t speaking English. If you want to skip the middleman and check out her blog directly, check out http://www.escape-velocities.com/ or her recipe blog (trust me, it’s good food) at http://www.crustimoney-proseedcake.com/

Fun Places to Internet: I internet, and presumably you internet since you’re on this website, and if you’re on this website presumably you care about some of the things I care about, so you might be interested in this page, which is an incomplete list of things I like that are on the internet. Did I use the word ‘internet’ too many times in this description? Maybe. Do I care? Nope. 😘